Daily Drawdown:

The daily drawdown is calculated as 5% of your start of day balance for the Trader Account.


Example 1: Starting balance of $100,000. You trade and secure a profit of +$2000, your account balance currently sits $102,000.
The following day your maximum daily loss must now not exceed 5% of that previous days balance ($102,000 – 5% = $96,900) $5,100 max daily loss.
Day 2 you trade and incur a loss of -$1000 bringing your account balance down to $101,000.
The following day your maximum daily loss must not exceed 5% of that previous days balance ($101,000 – 5% = $95,950) $5,050 max daily loss.

Max Drawdown:
The max drawdown on any Trader Evaluation is 10% of your initial account balance. This means your account equity cannot fall below 90% of the initial balance at any point.

It is important to note that the max drawdown limit does not reset like the daily drawdown limit.

Stellar Funding FX is partnered with GH Markets Ltd as our broker, to offer industry leading spreads and commissions for traders. To understand the account offerings that we use, see here: https://www.ghmarkets.com/

There is no limit on how many accounts you can have however, we only allow for a total funding amount of up to $400,000 USD.

To request a withdrawal, please go to your dashboard and select the Withdrawal/ Profit Share option to request a withdrawal. 

Once you send your request, our payments team will verify if you meet the eligible criteria to make a withdrawal, if so they will process the payout either via Cryptocurrency or Bank Transfer. 

Please notice that once you create a Funded account, you will be required to sign the Independent Contractor Agreement and fill out the Payment Method form, where you will provide your preferred payment method to process your future requests.

Do not request payout without completing 15 days from your first live trade, your account will be reset and there will be no compensations.

Standard Trader rules:
High Frequency Trading (HFT) is allowed, but only in the evaluation stage.
EAs are permitted in the challenge stage.
Profit target 1st phase: 10%
Min trading days: Zero minimum trading days
Max daily drawdown: 5%
Max total drawdown: 10%
Account leverage: 1:100
Profit split: Scaling up to 80/20
Copy trading: Copy trading or the use of trade copier software is permitted between personal accounts where both accounts are in your name. Copy trading from 3rd party IP addresses and accounts not in your name is strictly prohibited.
Hedging between accounts: Not allowed.
Weekend holding: Allowed.
Trading News: Allowed.

1 Step Standard Trader Account:
High Frequency Trading (HFT): not allowed.
EAs: Allowed
Profit target: No profit targets required to be reached on the live funded account. Minimum withdrawal $100usd.
Profit consistency: 40%.profit consistency rule
Lot Size Consistency: Lot consistency rules applied at withdrawal.
Account leverage: 1:100
Profit split: Scaling up to 80/20
Copy trading: Copy trading or the use of trade copier software is permitted between personal accounts only when both accounts are in your name. Copy trading from 3rd party IP addresses or an account that isnt in your name is strictly prohibited.
Weekend holding: Allowed.
Trading High impact news: Allowed.
Minimum trading days: 5 minimum trading days during the first 15 days, 5 minimum trading days thereafter.
Account inactivity: After 15 days of inactivity the account will be terminated.
Drawdown: Max daily drawdown: 5%, Max total drawdown: 10%

Every trade MUST have an stop loss and take profit at the time it is opened.

Our prop firm operates as part of the PropTradeTech network of funding programs. As such, we are a member of a large organisation with substantial capital backing. We are ultimately in the business of finding good traders, which means paying out what our trader’s deserve and guaranteeing this via our legal documents and funded trader contracts. That being said all payouts are vetted by our risk team, and the only times we do not payout is if these legals have been breached or trader’s have not obtained profits in a legitimate way.


We aim to process payouts as quickly as possible because we understand cashflow is important to our traders. We will try to process it in maximum 2 business days.

But if we are on high volume of withdrawals it could take up to 6 business days to process it all.

Scaling Profit Split:

Withdrawal 1:

  • 15 calender days
  • 5 minimum trading days
  • 50% profit split
  • 5% cap

Withdrawal 2:

  • 15 calender days
  • 5 minimum trading days
  • 60% profit split
  • 5% cap

Withdrawal 3:

  • 15 calender days
  • 5 minimum trading days
  • 70% profit split
  • 5% cap

Withdrawal 4+:

  • 15 calender days
  • 5 minimum trading days
  • 80% profit split
  • 5% cap

The profit split is calculated after the profit cap is calculated. For example: Month 1 you make a withdrawal request of $2,600 Eligible withdrawal $2,500 – profit split (60%) You will receive = $1,500

Yes, you are allowed to use EA’s and Indicators, including tools for managing risk and automated trading systems.

  • High-frequency trading (manually or using a bot)
  • Hedge arbitrage trading
  • Tick scalping
  • Grid trading (Maximum 3 trades open simultaneous on the same instrument)
  • One-sided betting
  • Latency arbitrage trading
  • Reverse arbitrage trading
  • Martingale (above 50% of exponential per trade)
  • Copying trades from other traders

If any of these strategies are detected in your live account, it will be considered a violation of the rules and Trust Funding Program will terminate your account.

Accounts will be breached when the account has been inactive for 15 days.

Feel free to reach out if you need assistance at any point during your management with us. You can contact us through any of our communication channels such as WhatsApp, live support on our website, or by sending us an email at support@stellarfundingfx.com.

Once the payment for your evaluation plan is confirmed, the sale is considered final, and no refunds will be issued due to the instantaneous nature of the program.

Regarding our 1-Step Challenge, traders are compensated only based on their simulated performance during the experienced trader stage. Therefore, we do not provide refunds after evaluations are approved. It is important to be aware of this policy before enrolling.

Joining Stellar Funding FX offers several advantages that can address common challenges faced by many traders:

  1. Significant Capital: You will gain access to significant capital for trading, eliminating the limitation of trading with insufficient personal capital.
  2. No Personal Financial Risk: By trading with funds from FundedFy, you free yourself from the fear of losing your own money, as we assume that risk.
  3. Psychological Support and Discipline: Our platform provides a psychological support environment, helping you manage emotional pressures and fostering discipline in your trading approach.
  4. Unlimited Growth: We remove growth limitations by providing access to larger amounts of capital as you demonstrate your skill and consistency as a trader.
  5. Community and Collaboration: You will integrate into a community of traders where you can share experiences, receive support, and collaborate with other professionals, overcoming the lack of backing from others.


Joining Stellar Funding FX not only provides you with financial resources but also creates a conducive environment to overcome common trading challenges, giving you the opportunity to reach your maximum potential as a trader.

Once you become a funded trader, you must trade with us for at least 15 days to receive your first payout, after that profits can be withdrawn fortnightly.

We do not support scalping strategies where trades are entered and exited within seconds.

All trades MUST have a minimum time of 3 minutes lenght.

Yes, the minimum age to participate in all of our programs is 18 years of age or older.

Hedging a position on your own account is allowed. However, you are not allowed to hedge between accounts, such as using 2 trading accounts to open opposing trades on the same instruments with the same lot size at the same time.

Accounts will be breached when the account has been inactive for 15 days.

Copy trading or the use of trade copier software is permitted between personal accounts. Copy trading or trading from any 3rd party IP addresses is strictly prohibited.


Yes, traders will be required to KYC in the funded stage therefore accounts must be created in your own name

1- 40% Profit Consistency Rule:

– In a single day, you cannot exceed 40% of the requested profit for withdrawal. This could be considered a violation.

– When requesting a profit withdrawal, no individual trade can represent more than 40% of your total profit.

For example: If at the end of a withdrawal period, your account has a total profit of $10,000, then no single trade can represent more than 40% of $10,000, which is $4,000.

2- Trading Day Participation Rule:

   – You need to execute trades on at least 5 different days.

   – Trading with very small positions or using short-term strategies does not count as a valid trading day.

   – The idea is for you to trade normally during these 5 days.

3- Lot Size Consistency Rule:

   – A trading range is calculated based on the average size of your trades.

For example: Let’s assume you have closed 10 trades. Here is the information about the size of each trade:

Trade 1: 15 lots

Trade 2: 20 lots

Trade 3: 10 lots

Trade 4: 25 lots

Trade 5: 18 lots

Trade 6: 22 lots

Trade 7: 12 lots

Trade 8: 17 lots

Trade 9: 20 lots

Trade 10: 15 lots

To calculate the average size, we add up all the trade sizes and then divide by the total number of trades. In this case:


Add up all the lot sizes 15+20+10+25+18+22+12+17+20+15= 182 

Second: Divide the result of the lot sizes (182) by the total number of trades (10)= 18.2

-To calculate the trading range, we add 100% to the average lot size to get the maximum lot size and subtract 75% to get the minimum lot size.

Maximum lot size= (average lot size) 18.2 + 100%= 36.4

Minimum lot size= (average lot size) 18.2 – 75%= 4.55

This will give us a range within which your trades are considered consistent with your trading strategy. In this example, the range would be from 4.55 to 36.4 lots. Any trade within this range would be considered consistent with your trading style. If you do not comply with the consistency rule, your account will be subject to review, and you could face penalties.

Once you pass your challenge phase, our team will send out e-signature contracts to our traders via email. We will also follow up with email directly to our traders for their withdrawal and KYC information via an encrypted web form, from here our finance team will process the payment and issue a confirmation to the trader.

We are currently located in the United Arab Emirates.

Traders can make a maximum of 5% of the account. If a trader exceeds 5% only 5% will be taken to split the profit split.

No, this is strictly prohibited.

The consistency rule was established with the objective of facilitating risk management in the use of HFT bots during the evaluation stage. As a proprietary trading firm, this rule allows us to provide traders with a specific plan to follow during the funding stage.

Since the success rate of these systems is higher than usual, as a proprietary trading firm, we need to implement this type of rule to manage risk effectively.

After requesting payment for a performance commission, your account goes into “On Review” status, as displayed on the dashboard. During this period, we ask that you refrain from making new trades until the payment is completed or the review is finished. It is crucial to follow this recommendation to avoid potential inconveniences.

Before using Expert Advisors (EA) or the following strategies in the “Funded” stage, it is recommended to ensure that the trading strategy you use does not fall into the following categories. Strategies such as Grid Trading, involving placing orders above and below a set price to create a grid, the Martingale strategy, which seeks to recover from losses by constantly increasing the lot size, are prohibited. Guaranteed limit orders, involving the use of high lot sizes during high-impact news events, are also prohibited. Opening more than 3 trades at the same time is not allowed.*

During the evaluation phase, the implementation of any strategy is allowed; however, in the “Funded” stage, certain strategies are restricted to manage risk appropriately. Traders acknowledge and accept these conditions when purchasing the evaluation, recognizing the importance of adjusting their approaches in accordance with the established risk management policies during the funded phase.

*Account management under the supervision of a third party shall be considered third-party administration, including the connection to an account through more than one IP address.